WPM 2000 Log Home Machine

This modular machine is the first of it's kind in the world to be specifically designed for machine-profiled log home manufacturing. The WPM2000 positively grips and transports the piece of wood through a series of modular wood shaping modules that will precisely shape the log.

All of the cutting calculations, including automatically cutting windows and doors both vertically and horizontally, are handled by the "Wall Builder" software. Key ways, vertical and horizontal notches, electrical holes, through-bolt holes, and finger joints are also handled automatically so the final product fits together perfectly. Every cut is precise and human error is virtually eliminated. The end result is a solid-wood home built to very exacting standards, but at a relatively low cost due to the manufacturing efficiency.

This complete package solution creates drawing files using our "Wall Builder" software and automatically translates them to machine code. Our single pass solution truly means "logs in one end, ready for assembly at the other end."


  • Circular saw

  • Drill

  • Finger joint

  • Dado head

  • Router

  • Chain mortiser

  • Horizontal and vertical notcher


  • No more problems with holes not lining up

  • No more mismatch on the finger joint pieces

  • Customizable for other applications

  • Software generates all parameters of each component

  • All operations computer controlled automatically

 For Use In:

  • Log home manufacturing

  • Timber framing

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