Gang Saws

Vertical Arbor Gang Saws

Optimil Vertical Arbor Gangs are designed for maximum throughput and maximum sawing accuracy. Our unique swing out door design enables quick and easy saw changes. Thinkerf climb cutting saws yield efficient sawing and improved throughput. Superior cant control is achieved through a design incorporating large roll diameters and close roll centers


Single or Double Arbor


·         Aluminium Guides

·         Steel Guides

·         Splined Sleeves or Splined Arbor

·         Shifting Arbor

·         Shifting Guides

Circular Gang Saws

Thin Kerf high speed climb cutting circular gangs are manufactured for straight and/or curve sawing applications. Frames and components are oven stress relieved and line bored to achieve a finished product with minimal sawing deviation. Clam shell opening facilitates speedy saw changes and better access for maintenance. Press rolls incorporate SmartRollä technology to control the piece while positioning it through the saws.


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